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Accounting and Tax Outsourcing

Our offer for the outsourcing of book-keeping services and closely-related ongoing tax consultancy services is always adjusted to the individual needs of each customer.

We maintain an active relationship our customers, based on a fast exchange of information with regards to the financial situation of the company as portrayed in its accounting books, dangers to its liquidity or financial standing, current financial results and tax liabilities.

Our standard range of outsourced book-keeping services includes an ongoing recording of business operations in accordance with applicable regulations of tax and accounting law. We prepare tax returns and compulsory financial and statistical statements.

We guarantee confidentiality of any information connected with the operations of your business and any accounting and tax matters.

Book-keeping services:

  • book-keeping;
  • keeping a revenue and expense ledger (KPiR), (flat-rate) tax on registered income without deductible costs;
  • keeping VAT records;
  • compiling JPK VAT [Unified VAT control file] and other structures;
  • keeping a record of fixed assets;
  • drawing up tax returns;
  • financial and statistical statements;
  • full analysis and control of costs and revenues excluded for the needs of income tax;
  • basic scope of tax consultancy services.