Accounting consultancy services

Accounting consultancy services:

As an accounting office with many years of experience in the market, we offer constant supervision of our clients’ books and assistance in solving substantive bookkeeping problems. Our offer in particular includes:

  • preparing reports and analyses for the management board;
  • preparing financial and statistical reports requested by the customer;
  • preparing financial and statistical reports connected with the handling of bank loans;
  • preparing loan applications and financial forecasts connected with the credit requirements of banks;
  • developing accounting policies and corporate charts of accounts;
  • developing company document flow charts;
  • rectifying accounting books;
  • supervising or preparing the archiving of documents;
  • providing support to the accounting department at the request of the customer;
  • providing regular verification and consultancy services connected with the bookkeeping procedures used in the company;
  • assisting in selecting and implementing an accounting system suited to the needs of the customer.

Tax consultancy

We offer a complex range of tax consultancy services in the area of income tax and indirect taxes (VAT and excise duty) and other fiscal encumbrances. Our expertise in current legal regulations, court case law and EU regulations ensures that our tax consultancy services are comprehensive and professional.

Our consultancy services include:

  • services connected with setting up a business - assistance in choosing the legal form of the business, its registration and establishment;
  • tax consultancy;
  • tax auditing;
  • inquiries concerning the interpretation of tax regulations;
  • consultancy in respect of tax planning and optimization of tax burdens;
  • analysis of agreements for the purposes of tax optimization;
  • consultancy services aimed at selecting the most optimal variant of use of fixed assets
  • analysis of solutions adopted with regards to amortization and depreciation;
  • consultancy services in respect of keeping tax books and other records.